A Writer's Corner

11 Apr

When I decided I wanted to publish my first book I read everything I could on how to write a novel. Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen are new authors writing in the third person using more than one main characters point of view. You must decide who the most important character is and then write only from their point of view. You can even share their thoughts. Which, by the way, are italicized and you don’t need to tell the reader that it’s a thought. You can also write your book as a narrator. This means you can tell the story and show what all the characters are doing but you lose the intimacy. I advise reading everything you can. Some of the books I read are: Fix Your Damn Book by James Osiris Baldwin, Write Great Dialogue by Irving Weinman, and On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Feel free to contact me for additional books to read or if you have a question.

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