New Direction

17 May

First I have to eat my words from my first blog entry. Since I was not familiar with romance novels I had never come across a work of fiction that was written from more than one point of view. It seems that it is really a necessity in writing romance novels. So shame on me. 

Then my dear friend Anna, who is a big fan of romance, told me something I didn't expect to hear. If I could write the character Paul in A Twisted Wisdom then I could write romance! I was skeptical at first but have since been working on a novel and am having a lot of fun. Of course I run everything by Anna--the expert.  Anna is currently working on a romance novel of her own and has been sharing it with me. It's fantastic! The lead character is unique as is the story line--something hard to do these days. I'm looking forward to reading the rest. And I'm sure that when it is finished you romance fans will find it to be a must have.

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